We all like hearing the sound of our own name, unless it is your mother calling you by your first and middle names. We all know that feeling, too!

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Each person’s name is very important to him or to her. It is the moniker that we are known by. It is who we are.

And so, why not have your name immortalized in a book of your choosing? You’ve already heard of Nick, the freelance photographer who is on a year-long assignment to visit each U.S. state capital. As we write each book — all 50 of them! — we need names for the other characters in the books. We call those people the “minor characters.” They might be in just that one city’s book. Or . . . they might reappear in a later story. Did we just give a way a little secret?

Anyway, if you would like to see your name in one of our books, just CLICK HERE to read the rules and which cities are available for using YOUR name. You might end up being a “good guy or gal,” or even the murderer. But you will be able to tell your friends, “I’m in that book.”

The first two books are already completed (Book #1 Overdoses in Olympia is available here; and Book #2 Slaying in Salem is available for pre-order on Amazon). If you want to be in the Sacramento book, you’d better hurry. It’s the next one to be finished.

CLICK HERE to be included in one of our books!