You may have noticed some changes happening with Capital City Murders, and I hope that you like them. A lot has been happening behind the scenes, and I wanted to update you personally. So here goes.

Changes in Authorship

Stuart GustafsonFirst, due to personal circumstances, Stuart has stepped away from the series to focus on some family health issues. But even though he will be moving on, he will still be involved from time to time, and there is something else of vital importance.

We really have him to thank for the idea behind the series. The concept and the character of Nick were his inventions, and it has been a pleasure working with him to develop the series and the character in a deeper way, add characters, and expound on the original ideas in a big way.

This means that there are still things coming like audiobooks (more in a moment) and even the potential to pitch Capital City Murders as a streaming series.

But from the bottom of my heart, and I hope yours too, we want to start this post on changes by saying thank you to Stuart Gustafson, and we also want to wish him and his family all the best.

This also means that there will be new authors in the series though—guest authors ranging from well-known mystery writers to newcomers you’ll want to watch for will be creating books in the series going forward. I can’t wait to see the stories they bring with them, and what they do with Nick and will those nasty villains.

Frequency Changes

Troy LambertInitially, the idea was to release a novella every single month for fifty months. However, this proved to be too much for a number of reasons. First, that means writing things really fast or finding yourself behind.

After a couple of near misses with deadlines, it became clear that while a great, and ambitious idea, this was just too much.

The real result was that quality suffered. We were not able to take the time to make corrections that should have been made as we went along. Sometimes typos and plot holes made it into final versions of the books, or in some cases, we just didn’t have the time to make re-writes that would take the books from good to great. We’re actually working on correcting those that we can as we go, and we hope you see a higher quality standard in future books.

Finally, the rapid pace made it hard to market properly and make the money we need to from these books in order to keep writing them. It’s hard, as any business would tell you, to produce a new, quality product every month and stay profitable.

So from this time forward, novellas will come out every two months. If for some astounding reason, we get way ahead, we may alter that over time, but probably not by much. So instead of the second Wednesday of every month, we will be releasing books every other month on the second Wednesday. We’ll be updating our publishing calendar regularly starting soon, so you’ll always know when the next book is coming.

Website Changes

We’ve made some serious, and big website changes, and there are more to come. Look around! We hope you like the new look, and how quickly and smoothly the site loads. By making it leaner and making some modifications, we hope we bring even more visitors to the site.

You’ll find links to all the books, new information, things learned from researching the cities, personal stories from our own visits, and more. We plan for more regular posts on our blog, guest post, and sponsorship opportunities, and more. Visit often and subscribe to our blog and newsletter to stay up to date.

Social Media Changes

You will find Capital City Murders on Facebook, Twitter, and coming soon, Instagram. We’ve had some great responses to our recent posts, and we do appreciate those who follow us. We love it when you invite your friends and your circle to like our pages and follow us on Twitter, and we will be launching some contests soon. This means by sharing, you win!

We even have a street team, the Capital City Crime Solvers group on Facebook. We encourage you to jump into that group for fun and exclusive updates too.

We also have a Patreon page. While not strictly social media, it does offer you a chance to support the series and all of the new things we are doing. There are different levels of support, and each offers different perks. Check it out if you’re into those things.

Capital City Murders Newsletter

By releasing books every other month, that means you have time to check out other books, other authors, enter fun contests, and more. So our newsletter will reflect that. A few times a month, you may get offers of free or bargain books or just an introduction to a new author or series we think you will enjoy.

We won’t spam you with non-book related things, and we never, ever sell your information. You will also be able to keep up with our blog posts, pre-order sales, and new releases. If you haven’t already, jump on board today!

Speaking of Reviews…

We love reviews! No matter where you post them, from Amazon to BookBub, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and more, we appreciate each and every one.

We do have a review team, and that team gets access to early review copies of books, my backlist if they are interested, and even the review copies of other author’s books.

The thing is, we can’t actually require reviewers to leave reviews just because we give them a book. That would violate Amazon’s terms of service. But we have developed a new, and better way to track your reviews, to remind you to leave them if you wish, and more. This is done through a program called Story Origin.

There are a couple of reasons for this change. The first is that while we have many faithful fans and reviewers, there were a few people taking advantage of free books, and even passing along files to pirate sites, which cost us a lot of time and potentially some sales as well. We had to put a stop to that.

The second is that Story Origin allows us to automate a lot of processes, including sending out review reminders for you and helping us keep track of your reviews in one convenient location.

Of course, some people have struggled with this new system, and if you are a faithful reviewer who is having an issue, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We certainly didn’t make the change to exclude or punish anyone.

Not a member of our review team yet? Click here to learn more and join with others to make a difference to other readers (and to the future authors in the series by leaving reviews.

Capital City Murders Audiobooks

Coming in June, the audiobook for the first in the Capital City Murders Series, Overdoses in Olympia will be coming to Audible! We will be offering review copies, free codes, and more! We want you to share these with all of your friends who love audiobooks too.

By December, we hope to have as many as eight audiobooks completed. Stay tuned to this space, subscribe to our newsletter, and we promise to keep you informed.

Finally, it has been too long since the last Capital City Murders contest! Many in-person events have been canceled, which means I have a stack of books in my garage, both mine and the Capital City Murders compilations. Watch your email and this space for details!

We’re glad to continue bringing you the continuing adventures of Nick, Sandra, and the entire cast of the Capital City Murders Series.