Hey Capital City Followers:

There have been some exciting things and some setbacks when it comes to publishing and Capital City Murders over the last several months, and a few of you have emailed asking about what’s next when the next book will come out, and more. Below, you will find some answers.

Before we get into that though, I want to let you all know that I am thankful for you sticking with these changes as they are happening. Since we started the series, we’ve had change and hardships, including one of us stepping away from the series and a global pandemic that disrupted the very thing we write about: travel.

Here’s where we are, and what is next on the horizon.

Where We Are Now

So in March of 2019, we had no idea what was ahead for the next year, but we started on the series anyway. Things were challenging. Blending two writer styles yet using the same characters meant a disconnect between some of the books. They didn’t flow together as well as we would have liked in some cases, and that has been reflected in sales.

We were also trying, unrealistically, to release books too fast. It was a great concept, a fantastic and ambitious idea, but frankly, it just didn’t work. It’s fine—not everything works out the way we want it to, but that meant we had to make some changes.

So Stuart stepped aside, partly to focus on family and some issues there, and partly because it just wasn’t possible for two vastly different writing styles to thrive in the same world and workspace—not the way we were trying to do it.

That left you, dear reader, with me, a full-time writer with his own already full writing calendar, freelance and editing clients, and now an entire series to handle. So I slowed things down—both publishing and writing-wise, primarily to focus on quality rather than just churning books out quickly.

Then we started to produce audiobooks and we need to find more and better ways to get the word out about those and sell them. And again, we had to try to pull the voice and style together for the sake of the narrator and for the option to sell the series elsewhere, which we will talk about in a moment.

So you’ll see the next book in the series, Axed in Austin, arrive in January. At the same time, we are going to do a large blitz and relaunch of the series based on promoting it holistically, including audio and some other new and exciting opportunities too.

What’s Next

The world of audio has been slow, not in the production stage of things but in the approval stage. Audible and other platforms are swamped, impacted by COVID, and slow to get books up and for sale even after they are recorded. We have two that are nearing 60 days with no approval and pretty much radio silence from ACX and Audible. As soon as those are available, we will let you know.

Besides audio, we are looking at video and even selling the series to a major studio. However, to do that we need your help. If you love the series, we need you to share the word. Recommend it to your friends, from our eBooks to our print compilations to the audiobooks. The more of an audience we have, the more likely you will see this series on the small or large screen at some point.

Next year, we will resume publishing every three months rather than every month. This will enable us to build readers for the series and to ensure the books are the best they can be before they are sent into the world as published pieces. We will also be making some other changes, and even bringing in some established authors to write some books in the series.

In fact, if you are a writer interested in writing in the series, drop me an email. I’d love to chat with you about what that looks like.

Next year will bring exciting new things. In the meantime, watch for new audio releases, new books, and even a Christmas sale and contest, details coming soon.

Most of all, we want you all to be good, be safe, and be kind to one another. Keep in touch. We love hearing from readers like you.