Troy Lambert and Stuart Gustafson are each successful authors in their own rights. As residents of the Great State of Idaho (Troy lives in Meridian, and Stuart is in the capital city of Boise), they have teamed up to bring to you, the reader, this new and exciting series of novelettes set in each capital city of the United States of America!

And yes, a total of fifty states means a total of fifty novelettes. Can you handle that? The authors can!

Troy Lambert
Troy Lambert is a full-time writer and author. Having written over two dozen mysteries and other novels, Troy is well-versed in story creation, and he knows what it takes to make a fictional story real!
Troy’s hobbies and pastimes (when he’s able to break away from the computer) include hiking into the mountains of Southwest Idaho, fishing in a fast-rushing stream, and going for a drive where his mind can work on creating that perfect twist to the book he’s currently writing.
A native of Idaho Falls, Idaho, Troy and his wife live in Meridian, Idaho. You can find his other work on his website here.


Stuart Gustafson

Stuart Gustafson took early retirement in 2007 to spend more time traveling (he’s been to 55 countries and 155 cruise ports) and writing (four novels, nine non-fiction books, lots of travel articles).

Speaking on cruise ships in many parts of the world has been a great “post-retirement gig,” as some have put it. He has leveraged some of the experiences from those travels to insert reality into a few of his mystery novels set in exciting locations around the globe.
A native of Southern California, Stuart and his wife live in Boise, Idaho. His other books are available here.